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Our Services

The Services we proudly provide are readings and sessions made by the Founder, Chris Brock. He has been practicing since he was age 17. Please contact us if you want to schedule a session.

Chris Brock (Founder and The Practical Medium)

The Full Story

Hello Everyone! My name is Chris Brock AKA The Practical Medium. I am a clairvoyant. I primarily specialize in reading all aspects of life through Oracle Cards. I can also practice mediumship and communicate with those who departed the physical world. As a child I had a hard time adjusting to the vibrations physical plane, but that was just the start. I was interest in the paranormal started with watching ghost shows at my dad's house with my stepmother at the time. Unfortunately I lost my grandmother when I was a sophomore in High school back in 2015. That was the year my career in metaphysics took off. I received my first reading at the Dallas Psychic fair. One of the readers told me that I had a gift myself. I was quite skeptical at the time. In the following year, I want to my first metaphysical group being the youngest member there as a teenager. I was quite surprised with the responses from the other group members about what I was capable of. At the age of 18, I started my apprenticeship with Helen Watson, One of the most popular readers in the Dallas area. I would like to thank her and Credit her for what I have learned about what it means to be a medium.

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Please Remember that the services we offer are meant to be taken as spiritual advice and helpful guidance. We do not guarantee that what is said will happen. This is not meant to replace advice from medical or legal professionals nor replace helpful financial advice from other professionals. We are only present to help advance one's spiritual journey.  



General Readings

The readings I offer can focus on all aspects of life (Family, Love, Medical, Financial, and legal). All readings are kept private and safely confidential. I primarily read with oracle cards, but can read without them. I charge $25 for 15 minutes.



I can also practice mediumship. I can communicate with departed spirits, but I need to ask for their consent in order to communicate. This is to protect the client and myself from energetic harm. I charge $25 for 15 minutes.

To Schedule a session With Chris Brock, Please send an Email or Call and tell us your request. Contact info is below.

Phone: 972-567-0449

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