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Our Products

Our beautiful and unique products are thoughtfully handmade by Chris, Owner, and our Marketing Director/Designer. Our products are meant for metaphysical or decorative purposes only. Prices will typically remain consistent, unless otherwise specified. We strive to provide new collections periodically that are meant to focus on the specific needs of our customers. Crystal Clear Metaphysics, LLC also offers custom-made products that are created for specific customer requests. Prices will vary.


Crystal Jewelry 


EMF Protection products


Wellness Products

Our Jewelry is made with genuine crystals. They come in the form of bracelets, necklaces, chokers, etc. Sizes will vary. We also offer youth sizes as well. All are meant for an enhanced raised vibration.

Our Wellness products are our handcrafted candles, Soap bars, Etc. They are made with natural products and infused with genuine herbs that are used for energetic wellness. They are almost exclusively sold at our events we are at. 

We also became specialists in EMF protection, which is our top seller. EMF (Electromagnetic frequency) is the harmful radiation from electronics and cellphone towers that affects us all physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Our EMF Protection products (including jewelry and other products) are meant to ward off the EMF radiation to help one's wellbeing. These products are exclusively made with genuine Elite Shungite and .999 fine copper.

Refund & Return Policy 

Crystal Clear Metaphysics LLC will honor and accept returns on items for 2 weeks after purchase. We accept returns on all damaged products. Custom made products on the other hand are NOT REFUNDABLE, NOR RETURNABLE. Please note; WE CANNOT GUARANTEE DESIRED RESULTS. It is with the highest intention of the user together with the metaphysical properties of the natural gemstones and materials that offer the best results. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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