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About Us

Crystal Clear Metaphysics started out as an art gallery named Brock Fine Arts in Spring 2018. Over time, the Gallery evolved into a metaphysical small business that was only in thought. However in the year 2020, the world took a dark turn as the pandemic became a major problem. Chris, the founder, was put on fur-low from his primary job. That is when Crystal Clear Metaphysics was born. Since then we have grown our small business to create handmade metaphysical products meant to help enhance lives for other people and our community. In 2021, CCM became recognized as an LLC in the state of Texas.

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Our Vision

Crystal Clear Metaphysics is a family owned and operated business that sells products and services to help enhance one's life for their highest good. Our business is based on our spiritual and metaphysical beliefs. We have passion for helping humanity by making these products from our hearts and giving private sessions. We create products using only the highest quality materials that help heal and enhance the person's life physically, mentally, emotionally, most importantly, Spiritually. We care about bringing our clients love and happiness which makes us happy in return.

                    Meet the Team

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